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The Layman’s Guide to Experiences in God-Realization

Mark Olsen is a true believer in the power of Spiritual experiences. In an uplifting compilation of his Spiritual experiences and the wisdom gained from each, Olsen illuminates Spiritual concepts and principles, answers deep questions, and provides inspiration for those striving for greater understanding of life and themselves.


Olsen uses several dozen of his own experiences to illustrate what happens on the Spiritual journey when one looks within for the answers. Through vivid descriptions of dreams, visions, initiations, out-of-body travel, déjà vu, and flashes, Olsen shares valuable insight about inner experiences and how to interpret them: included are Self-Realization, God-realization, the planes of heaven, the divine selves, soul, karma, reincarnation, ETs, and the spiritual conspiracy on Earth. Insights are also provided on daily Spiritual exercises that utilize contemplation, visualization, and listening techniques to help anyone increase their Spiritual experiences, become closer to God, and develop better communication with the Higher Self.


The Layman’s Guide to Experiences in God-Realization shares Spiritual experiences, wisdom, and daily exercises intended to steer others to find answers to their deepest questions and ultimately realize fulfillment.